My Very Favorite Things!

Just like everyone, I have my favorite products, tips, tricks, hacks, books and nursing tips!  I decided to share with you too! 

My favorite healthcare tips

From supplements to juices to EMF protectors...  Here are just a few of my favs....  Click below

This is a picture of me and my c0-worker Renee on an American Red Cross blood drive.  My job was to supervise the larger mobile blood drives and we had a blast!
Healthy tips

Mental Health 



 Mental Health and wellness, so important expecially in today's world of pandemics.  Wellness and Mental health go hand in hand to manage a pandemic.  we also need to be aware of how our family is doing to prevent anything that may cause us pain, anxiety, loss.


Places to go

Since I was only 11 years old, I have traveled to many different countries, met so many different individuals from other ethnic backgrounds, enjoyed castles, vineyards, camping, kayaking, and even got evacuated from a war.  I volunteered to work with NATO during the Balkans IFOR war in Hungary, Croatia, and Yugoslavia.  Come enjoy a tour of where I've been, what I loved, and not so much...



Skincare has always been very important to me.  Now at 65+ years old, I'm grateful I had the wisdom to care for my skin.  My big takeaway for wonderful skin as you age?  No smoking, limit alcohol, and eat healthy.  Do this and the battle is 90% won!.



I think I have used nearly every hair care product on the market.  But I have my fav's now...   check out what I have found best for my hair.


Pet goodies

My pets are more than just pets, they are my babies.  I probably treat them better than anyone else!  Check the pics of my pets and learn how I care for them to keep them out of the vet!



I love Books!  I mostly read self-improvement books now, but there was a time that I read only mysteries, love stories, who-dunnit's, and health books.  Of course as a nurse, I've read my share of nursing literature too!  I mostly download on my kindle these days, but if I really love a book, I'll buy the hardcover for my library.