It All Starts With 
Just a Feeling & then a Thought

Everything happens at exactly the right moment, 
neither too soon, nor too late"  
~Byron Katie                              

 You'll Get in My Program

Everyday I help my clients solve problems 
they  just can't figure out themselves. To know 
the meaning of the feelings theyare having 
and the thoughts that created them is priceless. 

The tools I use can help you get a handle on 
whatever is bothering you.  You care for those in need,
 be it family, children, work, home life, mothers, fathers, 
which affects your past, your now, your future and much  much more.  

This is how you begin to own your life again.


You'll get these courses and more with your membership

For the Caregivers,

How To Get Unstuck

I'll help you figure out what needs to happen before you
decide to take the risks necessary to see positive changes.
We'll discuss the important questions to ask yourself so you 
can begin to move in the right decision 

We'll also discuss why you should never  change your job, a 
marriage, or a city, until you know that you can be happy there.


It makes no difference what kind of relationship 
you are in, many of the problems are the same.

I'll show you how to manage your thoughts and feelings 
and decide the best actions for yourself.

You may just have manuals for the loved ones in 
your life that they don't yet know about.

The tools I use work for any situation you have 
and can't figure out.But I've got you!

Modern Emotional Health

Since the beginning of time we humans only had three things to do!
1. Avoid Pain
   2. Seek Pleasure
    3. Preserve Energy.

In modern times this is killing us.
Seeking pleasure is literally killing us.

We are avoiding pain to the point 
that we are buffering our way to avoid pain
Avoiding pain  during caveman times 
meant not sleeping on a rock.

Preserving energy is now avoiding action, not doing anything.

We need to delay pleasure instead of seeking it.  
We need to embrace pain and we need to generate energy

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